The interuniversity educational platform "Methodology, content and practice of creative education" is an open interactive educational Internet platform with the possibility of distant participation in its work.

If you want to publish your materials, you must fill in the questionnaire and send it together with methodological works to The text goes through the peer review procedure, after which the editorial board of the platform makes a decision on its publication.

Formatting recommendations for the article formatting to be published on the platform:

  1. The article should be practically oriented and contain the description of the experience of conducting a lesson of a creative character.

Required structural elements:

1) the purpose of the article;

2) practical examples with a creative component;

3) personal interpretation of the described experience (or the examples mentioned) and the author's conclusions on the results of the lesson;

4) description of the results of the lesson in terms of student self-realization.

  1. It is advisable not to cite well-known theoretical material about the necessity of introducing creative education elements into the educational process.
  2. The editorial board has the right to select and edit materials for the publication on the platform.