"Having accumulated new ideas that have already prompted the creation of a practical course on the disciplines I read, I will definitely share my experience with my colleagues" Olga V. Proskalovich, Doctor of Pedagogics, Head of the Department of Rhetoric and Methods of Teaching Language and Literature, the Faculty of Philology, BSU
"It became clear to me that I still have many things to discover in teaching my discipline. The more you work on the form of organizing lessons, the more discoveries you make for yourself. And discoveries are the main idea of our work" Irina V. Lebedeva, Senior Lecturer of The Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Belarus, the Faculty of History, BSU
I see the main result in the transformation of my own world outlook. “Doing” is already a result in itself - the process of making one's own discoveries and new, non-trivial decisions that are not immediate and not always obvious Tatiana L. Kondratenko, Senior Lecturer of The Department of Translation Theory and Practice, Faculty of Social and Cultural Communications, BSU
"It was a complete destruction of patterns and stereotypes, we had to reformat our idea of work and self-organization process - everything at once" Alexey E. Yarotov, Candidate of Science in Geography, Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Geography of the World and Educational Technologies, Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics, BSU
"I looked at the teaching process in a new way, it's like waking up after a long sleep" Pavel M. Lobatsevich, Senior Lecturer of the Department of General Physics, Faculty of Physics, BSU
"While working on the task, I opened up new knowledge horizons and I want to apply this knowledge in practice!" Iya I. Tashlykova-Bushkevich, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor, doing doctor’s degree at the Solid State Physics Department of the Faculty of Physics
"While working on the task “My Heuristic Lesson” I had a deep feeling that ESL teaching methodology is a priori assumes the use of heuristic type lessons" Tatyana V. Solodovnikova, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor of The Department of Romance Languages, the Faculty of International Relations, BSU
"While working on the tasks I guess I experienced the same feelings as Christopher Columbus did when he discovered a new continent. The “discovery of a new continent”, in my opinion, was the main result of this work" Alexander V. Burachonok, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean for Academic Work and Educational Innovations at the Faculty of History, BSU
“I am happy to feel the enormous potential of the instruments that the teacher has, using the facilities of the Moodle platform and other resources, while organizing heuristic and communicative activities of students” Tatiana V. Romanovskaya, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Genetics, Faculty of Biology, BSU